Yat Rock – fabulous, accessible views!

During our recent stay near Ross-on-Wye, we visited several places with amazing views, one of which was Yat Rock. At Symonds Yat both East and West there are various amusements such as boat rides, kayaking and cycling. We had headed for Symonds Yat East, where there is a car park by the river but it was a view from the top that we were after.

The river Wye from from Yat Rock
The river Wye from from Yat Rock

Then we saw the signs for Yat Rock and headed up a steep, winding road with passing places. It got rather congested at times as there were plenty of visitors but once we were at the top there was plenty of parking including designated Blue Badge spaces. A noticeboard informed us that it was 400 metres to the top with plenty of benches on the way and we could see that it was a good path.

The route to and from Yat Rock - very accessible!
The route to and from Yat Rock – very accessible!

There is actually more Blue Badge parking further up, but we were glad we had started further down as it was a very pleasant route through woods. Some of the benches looked like they were more places to perch on rather than sit – anyone expecting something more comfortable beware!

View from Yat Rock, Hereforshire
View from Yat Rock, Hereforshire

Some of the route is a boardwalk and a small part, near the shop and refreshment placed near the very top is just earth or grit but the whole thing was perfectly easy. A little bit steep right at the viewing place perhaps but a tarmac path at that point and perfectly safe. The accessible shop sells drinks and snacks and photos you can send as postcards.

Fabulous view from Yat Rock
Fabulous view from Yat Rock

The views are amazing: the River Wye snaking off into the distance and gorgeous rolling green fields all around. The wall is low enough to see over and there are places with a grille instead of the wall for even better but safe viewing.

There are toilets including accessible ones by the lower car park, which is pay and display.

I definitely recommend Yat Rock as somewhere to visit if you’re in the area.

See my review of Valley View, Llangrove, where we stayed.


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