Bootmaster Plus

For parks and other outdoor places where the going is a bit rough for the Luggie, I use my Eden Bootmaster Plus (or Kymco Mini as the insurers refer to it). It has a wider wheelbase, so can cope with a certain amount of unevenness while still being fairly compact and with a small turning circle. The Luggie does very well (I used to go to our allotment on it!) but the Bootmaster gives you a much smoother ride and less jolting when going over bumps – it feels safer and more stable.

Breezy Knees, near York
Breezy Knees, near York

There are a few drawbacks – the seat is not very comfortable as it’s at quite an angle, so if you are sitting upright, you aren’t in contact with much of the seatback and I can’t alter the (very sensitive!) speed dial with my right hand while driving. On the plus side, it dismantles into four parts – five if you include the basket on the front which I’ve discarded – none of which are as heavy as the Luggie.

Moorlands, York
Moorlands, York

The seat will swivel to one side although I don’t tend to need to use this feature and you can adjust the tiller so it’s closer or further away from you as you prefer.

Sutton Bank
Sutton Bank

I couldn’t use it at work as it is important to be able to adjust speed quickly when moving amongst crowds of people – for that reason, plus the uncomfortable seat, I wouldn’t really recommend this scooter and besides, I have a new set of wheels, but that’s another story! There are new styles being introduced all the time, so there’s probably something a bit better out there if you are after a compact scooter that will go in your boot.

Askham Bog
Askham Bog


Book Pillow

This isn’t exactly an accessibility thing but I think lots of people would find a book pillow useful! They are really light and both prop your book and help keep it open. Highly recommended!


Luggie Scooter

I keep mentioning my scooter – it’s a Luggie and has various good and bad points. It’s very nippy – it can turn in a very small space so is great indoors and copes remarkably well outdoors on gravel, for example, but is better on smoother surfaces. You can take it on aeroplanes, either on board or in the hold. We had a bit of a rigmarole with one airline who couldn’t decide if the battery should be looked after by us or them, but it was fine in the end. Assembly seems complicated at first but gets easier with practice! It folds up to no bigger than a small suitcase.

On the minus side, the website says it is very light but it is too heavy for me to lift. It is not terribly robust – given that it is designed to be lifted in and out of car boots, we’ve had bits fall off on occasion which gets rather expensive! On the whole I’m pleased with it but they don’t seem to do it in yellow anymore!


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