It works!


Physiofunction is a physiotherapy clinic specialising in helping people rehabilitate after a stroke or brain injury or with neurological conditions such as MS or cerebral palsy. They have treatment centres around the country and also do home visits.


I’ve had sessions with two different staff members based in the York area and both were really pleasant and friendly as well as being very knowledgeable and good at explaining the reasoning behind the exercises they were showing me. The exercises were to do with core stability and balance and they really help – as long as I keep doing them!

Of course it’s not cheap but it is definitely worthwhile. Their website gives a lot more detail, of course and you can search for a centre near you.



If you get sore shoulders from too much hunching over the computer then Sarah will shift them for you! Friendly but totally professional, Sarah will explain what she’s doing and give you advice on how to avoid getting the same problem again. She does home visits, bringing her own massage table or you can sit on a chair, whatever works or you. You definitely feel like your body works better after a proper massage from Sarah!

For details of her qualifications, prices and contact details, click here.