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Hi, my name is Alison and for 22 years I was a lecturer at a Higher Education Institution.  I have always liked visiting restaurants, staying in hotels, visiting cities and their attractions. Alison Hayes Some years ago, I started to develop mobility problems and it turns out I have Multiple Sclerosis. As my mobility has got worse and I have had to look carefully before booking places to stay or eat to check if they are accessible, I have become increasingly aware that many websites or reviews in the papers do not mention how accessible a place is.

I find it useful when there is information about access, so I am sure many other people would too, so I am going to start reviewing places and gathering other people’s reviews so as to be helpful to as many people as possible. I appreciate not every building can have ramps and lifts added but many places could do better and if somewhere goes out of the way to be helpful, they should be rewarded with good publicity.

Please use the comment features to add to anything to any of the posts or contact me contact@accessibilityreviews.org

Here’s an interview with me published on Euan’s Guide which explains a bit more about why I set up this site.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. I have always absorbed places of interest throughout the world and no matter what places I go information on the area is a must. When I’d go to places full of history or famous names of educational history that are quite easy to go past not knowing what as been missed out. Although my sight as gone it does not stop me from visually analysing what or where of these wonderful places are. The accomadation for my complex disability is far few in-between and would love to find a ideal accomadation Wheelchair friendly of which is a big down fall.


    1. Have you tried Euan’s Guide? You can filter your search for things like large print, audio description and other things which might help a bit.


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