About time I reviewed this…

For parks and other outdoor places where the going is a bit rough for the Luggie, I use my Eden Bootmaster Plus (or Kymco Mini as the insurers refer to it). It has a wider wheelbase, so can cope with a certain amount of unevenness while still being fairly compact and with a small turning circle. The Luggie does very well (I used to go to our allotment on it!) but the Bootmaster gives you a much smoother ride and less jolting when going over bumps – it feels safer and more stable.

Breezy Knees, near York
Breezy Knees, near York

There are a few drawbacks – the seat is not very comfortable as it’s at quite an angle, so if you are sitting upright, you aren’t in contact with much of the seatback and I can’t alter the (very sensitive!) speed dial with my right hand while driving. On the plus side, it dismantles into four parts – five if you include the basket on the front which I’ve discarded – none of which are as heavy as the Luggie.

Moorlands, York
Moorlands, York

The seat will swivel to one side although I don’t tend to need to use this feature and you can adjust the tiller so it’s closer or further away from you as you prefer.

Sutton Bank
Sutton Bank

I couldn’t use it at work as it is important to be able to adjust speed quickly when moving amongst crowds of people – for that reason, plus the uncomfortable seat, I wouldn’t really recommend this scooter and besides, I have a new set of wheels, but that’s another story! There are new styles being introduced all the time, so there’s probably something a bit better out there if you are after a compact scooter that will go in your boot.

Askham Bog
Askham Bog

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