Determined to keep trying!

Feel free to send this same or adapted text to any papers or mags that you read if you feel it would be good if accessibility got a bit more of a mention!

Dear Red,

I have been a subscriber for many years and regard you as the best women’s monthly available. I enjoy the inspirational reading, fun articles, cookery and travel ideas (not so worried about fashion and celebs!). Something that has come to be important to me lately is the idea of access. Because I have become more and more limited in my mobility, I have, albeit reluctantly, had to consider accessibility when choosing places to visit or stay. To this end I have started reviewing places, Tripadvisor-style but with an emphasis on accessibility. I have also started writing to the newspapers and magazines I read to ask them if possible that they could give a brief mention to whether for example, a hotel has any accessible rooms, whether a place to visit is accessible to all and to occasionally have an ‘accessible special’ in the same way as you might have a special feature on adventure, family or romantic holidays. After all, there are about 12 million disabled people in this country with spending power of £212bn a year so it’s a big market!

I would really love it if my favourite magazine took a lead and inspired others to help create a more inclusive society.


Please add any comments or suggestions

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