Friday surfing

Disability links are always popping up in my Facebook feed due to fb’s scary ability to read my mind so it knows that I am interested in all things disability and accessibility! However these two are very handy: lists “accessible homes, apartments, swaps and holiday rentals around the world”. I was sorry not to find anything listed under Azerbaijan, but the site is really easy to use with a nice clean layout. I might give it a go for our next holiday with Hal “Remember, if your planning accessible days out, provides FREE online access information for over 125,000 places to go in the UK, including hotels, restaurants, hospitals, tourist attractions and much more!Every single venue has been visited in person by one of our specialist surveyors” This is a very comprehensive review site, and they have a well organised network contacting services annually to update their information.

However there is still lots of room in the market so it’s onwards and upwards for AccessibilityReviews!


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