Accessible tapas!

Ambiente, Fossgate, York

We had a fun time at Ambiente in Fossgate, York, sharing various tapas dishes between four of us. Having eaten tapas galore in Spain, I would say that these seemed pretty authentic, although some were better than others. They describe the food as having “a Yorkshire twist” – they use local as well as Spanish … Continue reading Accessible tapas!


Another great concert at the wonderfully accessible NCEM. We’ve seen Joglaresa before playing medieval Spanish/Jewish songs – this time it was medieval Christmas music from France, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia as well as English, using traditional instruments and it was utterly gorgeous! They are sold out for their other concerts in the north but if you … Continue reading Joglaresa


Links to accessible places and useful websites featured on this site  Wheel-friendly places to visit Roundhay Park, Leeds Golden Acre Park, Leeds, Temple Newsam, Leeds Thorp Perrow Arboretum, near Bedale Fountains Abbey, near Ripon The Homestead Park, York Askham Bog nature reserve, York Moorlands nature reserve, York Breezy Knees gardens and nursery, near York Rowntree … Continue reading Links

Accessible adventures

Cycle path near Benderloch

Accessible adventures in the Pais Vasco! The adventure started at Heathrow. As previously, we stayed at the Hilton T5 and met up with my brother, this time for a fabulous meal at Mr Todiwalah’s Kitchen – the most delicious Indian food you can imagine! We’ve had the odd hassle with accessible rooms at this hotel … Continue reading Accessible adventures